Hello from us at trend-and-social.com. We enable you to find and buy the most trending products not found in store at the best prices. We regularly update our stock and always have the freshest products available.

We also have a project running that runs dear to our hearts and that is to help dogs and cats in need of help with every sale from our store. We have decided on a mission that not only will help you as a customer get the perfect product from our store, but, we have also set a future goal for helping all those furry friends that are in need of our help!

We created a facebook group and want it to be our flagship for helping dogs and cats around the world who through no fault of their own are in need of help. It saddens us to think that there are such beautiful creatures around the world that simply want to be loved but are not, that is why with the help of the sale of our products we aim to start helping those in need with a monthly donation built from the sale of our goods.

We know you will love the items on our store and knowing you have made a difference to a much deserving fluffy friend, we hope you will enjoy trend-and-social.com. 

Donations will be made public on our facebook page (everything dogs and cats)  https://www.facebook.com/Everythingdogsandcats/ every month for you to follow and see what difference we have made together!

You can also follow our facebook page Trendandsocial for new products added almost daily!

Thank you